Some national wind energy news stories

I try to keep this blog informative but if you want really comprehensive updates National Wind Watch is excellent.

John Hayes MP says ”enough is enough!” BBC

BBC involved in “Climategate”-style cover up Commentator

DECC  turbine noise research flawed The Telegraph

More blackmail as turbine neighbours offered energy discounts The Guardian

Bryan Ferry speaking out against windfarms Telegraph

And also in the Telegraph, why gas (and all energy) bills are going up:

“What is clear is that a big part of the increase in customers’ bills is from the amount levied by British Gas on behalf of the Government to fund the subsidy for renewable energy sources, such as wind farms, plus the investment needed to upgrade the National Grid to connect them. Of the £80 a year increase for the average dual fuel bill announced in October, £50 is to cover these costs.”

The news is buzzing with wind energy and climate change stories even more than usual… all these stories and more are covered in depth and detail, frequently along party political lines in the press, which is bizarre;  the one good thing that has come about for me is new friends from all walks of life, all political (including non-political) persausions and in great diversity.

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