Shap targeted again: two turbines nearly twice the height of the Angel of the North

Mr Atkinson (one of the land owners involved in the original Shap wind farm proposals) has applied for 2 turbines.  Total height to tip of blade is 35 metres = 115 feet. (The Angel of the north is only 20 metres.)
This is NOT small!  PLEASE OBJECT.
As is common, this application was made just before Christmas to make it less likely that people will find the application and object.  It also casts a cloud over the festive period for those who will be affected.
The location is just to the west of the M6, just north of Shap village (if you go up the hill to the cemetery and look left, that is where they will be.)
You can object online via the  (When you get to documents, the environmental statement has most information)
Or by post to  quoting application 12/1029 to:
Eden District Council Town Hall Penrith Cumbria CA11 7QF
If you know anyone else that could and would object, please pass this on!

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