Wind energy contributing next to nothing, costing a fortune and wrecking landscape

Info which landed in my email intray today…
Today there are 3700 on shore turbines and 796 offshore with a combined capacity of 8.4GW producing just 1 GW at 1pm on 29 March.
Demand is 41 GW  – gas and coal are each producing 15 GW and nuclear 7GW.
Closer to home in Europe – Germany is building more coal fired power stations. Even before they do this Germany is exceeding limits on three out of four combustion pollutants and has done so two years running.
Being diligent, as we are in the UK, we have just announced the closure of half of Ferrybridge and have already closed a number of other coal fired plants.
Our diligence at meeting targets is admirable, but can we afford to be so generous.
To prepare for the public back lash a Parliamentary Select Committee are conducting a consultation to determine the best way to convince the public that paying more for electricity will be good for the soul, the planet and the bees maybe. The introduction to the consultation says

Foresight cautions that “should scepticism continue to increase, democratic governments are likely to find it harder to convince voters to support costly environmental policies aimed at mitigation of, or adaptation to, climate change.”

When the Met Office and even the BBC has had to back track on climate change alarmist predictions see :

and the UEA has been shown to have been cooking the books to make the temperatures appear highjer than they are  ( read Hiding the Decline by Montford ) the scepticism has become the middle ground of public opinion. Lord Lawson is closer to the truth than Ed Milliband of Climate Change Act fame and Lord Stern with his now famous dodgy accounting for the cost/benefit of going greenwill ever be.

Even in Germany some of the press have broken ranks and are starting to ask why it is that the global warming that they have been told about for the last 20 years has turned into a new ice age.

And some of the main proponents are even beginning to wonder why it is all so wrong

Maybe some sense is coming in – maybe the penny has dropped ? -  doubling the price for all of our electricity is not such a good idea. Paying £1000M per year subsidy per year to wind farms by hiding a surcharge in electricity bill will certainly take a lot of green wash, but much as the subsidies appear not to have any upper limit, neither does the ability of the wind industry to produce new green wash.

It remains to be seen what the new Energy Minister makes his priority when he starts his new job. Maybe there is a clue in what he had to say to Andrew Neill last October   

Whatever else he does he will need to sharpen up his act in order to explain why it is that every time a local decision is taken to refuse a wind farm it goes to appeal and an Inspector appointed by the Government can approve a wind farm because he likes wind turbines – elegant structures or smooth design , or whatever else the Inspector has as his personal  opinion.

So much for the threat of warming – the reality is that more people die of the cold.

Not to worry – as a sign of the times they have established ColdAid and in Africa they have started to send keep warm packs to the people in Northern Europe who are threatened with premature death due to the cold.

Wind farms are bad for your health and bad for your wealth.

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