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Just thought I’d share an email I got this morning:

Thank god for sites like this.

There’s a saying that you’re never more  than a few feet away from a rat, well in Cumbria that should be changed to ” you’ll never be more than a mile from a wind farm”.

One theme seems to run through all the “renewable energy” companies and that is “carbon free energy”,  what they all seem to forget to mention is all the carbon used to manufacture
these unsightly windmills or all the carbon produced to prepare the wind farm sites in rural areas,  just look at the Tallentire site, how many wagons have been used to transport all the hard core used to put in a temporary road to the site ( never mind the cost or the congestion & damage all these wagons are doing to the already poor road surfaces).

Also if the wind mills are that good why aren’t we manufacturing them in this country giving the uk  manufacturing  / economy a much needed boost by spending the money in this country instead of  Europe ( mainly Germany / France which just happen to be
europe’s largest economy’s ( I wonder why ??).

And finally since these development companies always seem to be based in London or Glasgow and they love wind mills – why don’t they site them there as I’m sure the wind blows around the cities too – or is it too close to their homes?

Thank you Peter.  I think as RE companies begin to set their sights on sites in the south – as they are – the opposition will grow and grow.  And some of the truths about the ill effects of turbines will begin to be believed and acted upon…. I live in hope.

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