Two new singular applications in Cumbria… Near Orton and Newcastleton

UGE – Universal Green Energy have put another application for a single wind turbine in Eden this ime near Orton and Scout Green.  Once again it has a noise assessment from 1999 in the Netherlands and the implication is that it will provide energy to a farm and yet there seem no plans to connect it to the farm.  Application may be found on Eden District Council’s planning portal site, appln no. 13/0201.  It is a total of 40 metres high which they describe as “minute” and then make comparisons based on the the height of the monopole, not the blades.  Shameful.

The second can proposal is for a 56 m turbine at Sleetbeck Plantation, Bailey near Newcastleton.  Details can be found on the Carlisle planning site.  Once again it is not clear what it will be connected to – I understand there is nothing on site for it to serve which is
what they state it is for.  It is of course very close to previous plans for a wind farm Stonechest, Black  Knors that Banks Renewables were behind.

I am so sick of reading the trashing of landscape and heritage that we hold dear in the interests of misleading planning applications.



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