FORCE fighting High Pow again – please help, Thursday 30th May

FORCE – Friends of Rural Cumbria Environment was formed in 2003 by a group of neighbours who came together to oppose a wind energy development at High Pow Farm. We decided in the very early days that we wanted to also help others who found themselves in the same predicament, and over the years we have tried to bring about changes which protect residents and the landscape from harmful development of this kind. Ten years on the situation is still dire, and parts of Cumbria are swamped with turbines, but still we go on. The majority of the founder members are still active within the group.
Now we are presented with the prospect of a major extension to the very scheme where it all started for FORCE, and we ask you to please show your support for us by attending the public exhibition for the development proposal.
IT IS THIS THURSDAY, 30th May at Bolton Low Houses Village Hall.
The hall is just off the A595 so easily accessed – please come along and support FORCE in our home parish.
It will be truly appreciated.
Many thanks
Can I also take the opportunity to remind you all of the Allerdale Council Development Panel Meeting which will take place on Tues 28th May at 1pm, The Oval, Salterbeck. We could use some audience support here too as there are two schemes being considered. (Fox House scheme has been deferred and will be presented for a decision at a later date)

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