Banks Renewables and their vile plans for Killington

We’re writing with an update about the Killington wind farm. We still do not know when it will heard by SLDC Planning committee, although it could be in the next few months.

Resume of the situation : Banks Renewables asked for a delay of a few months while they conducted another survey of birds at Killington Lake. The black-headed gull colony is of county and national importance and the unacceptable collision risk was one of the reasons the RSPB submitted an objection. The other was the risk to migrating ospreys.

So in the meantime there is still time to send objections to SLDC, and we urge you to do so (Registering with STAK is not what matters)  The reference no. is  SL/2012/0845. Send emails to , giving your name and address.

For suggestions  on what to write, and an example letter, please see our website  > how to object > ways to object.

Other news: We deplore the fact that Banks are using the Open Day of their nearby Armistead wind farm on 4th July to publicise the Killington proposal at Old Hutton village hall. The Armistead turbines (6 X 100m) are now operational and are a blot on this Cumbrian landscape They are only 3km away from the Killington site and can be seen from many miles around. The cumulative impact would be considerable.

Important consultees who have objected to Killington wind farm include Natural England , Yorkshire Dales National Park, Cumbria County Council, Cumbria Wildlife Trust, Friends of the Lake District and the Killington Wildlife Group, who are the expert ornithologists locally.

Virtually all the local parishes have objected.

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