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A reminder that is a great place to get (and share) relevant news stories from around the world, as home-owners sue wind-farm landlords and bats and birds continue to be killed by turbine blades.

Interesting removal of data from a site…

Locally applications for turbines large and larger still continue to come in – in spite of the knock-on effect to our ever-increasing energy bills.

Here’s a request for assistance I received today: “I can find no reference on your site to the recent application by Ownpower Renewables for a single 77m turbine just beside the Southwaite Service area on the M6 and so guess that you haven’t been informed about it yet.

Here is a link to the relevant page at Eden District Council    bmit1=View+current+applications  I have googled Ownpower Renewables and get no hits so assume (correctly or otherwise) that it’s a name dreamed up for this project.  However they are using Stephenson Halliday as their planning consultants who appear to have considerable experience in steering wind applications through the process.  The application is in the name of Keith Boxer. As  local residents living 900m from the proposed turbine you will be correct in guessing that we are completely opposed to it (as we are to windpower in general).  Apart from filing an objection with the Council we really have no idea what else to do but clearly more can and will need to be done if we are to see this application defeated.”

I also received an email from Airvolution aka Church-House wind who want to erect turbines near Sellafield.  And they are “proud to be able to offer a community benefit fund with our wind projects.”  Presumably in much the same way as Dick Turpin would have been proud…

I am still desperately seeking volunteers to assist with this site, please!

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