Network of windfarm opposition groups

Network of windfarm opposition groups


The wind industry has surely shot itself in the foot by commissioning a study to show the extent of the networking across the world by anti wind groups. They would not have expected to see the amount of global traffic from country to country united in their fight against industrial wind turbines.

For a zoomable version of the matrix showing individual groups go to

Graphics that show the extent of global communication between anti wind websites when key words are entered can be found here:

See each graphic for details. The UK is shown in red and as can be seen is a huge contributor to the networking between groups.

The study hardly scratches the surface by focusing on only 323 websites. There are over 2200 listed organisations against wind with a website, many more rely of facebook pages and some are run by individuals. The number is immense and grows every day.

Details can be seen here:

The UK is listed as having over 400 group websites (not including facebok pages or individuals). That is more than North America! Scotland has over 60.

The time has come for governments across the world to acknowledge industrial wind turbines are not wanted by the majority of people that they are foisted upon. We are not to be dismissed by arrogant politicians who show no compassion for suffering any longer. Our elected representatives would rather support an industry that contributes a small amount of expensive, unreliable energy, allowing developers and landowners to fill their coffers at the expense of energy bill payers and taxpayers, communities, the environment and our wildlife.

Caithness Windfarm Information Forum Chairman Stuart Young said ” I am grateful to the Danish government for giving us such excellent material to demonstrate the widespread discontent over windfarm development. It is particularly gratifying to see how prominent a part is played by CWIF’s own website”

Lyndsey Ward, Highland Anti wind campaigner said ‘The wind industry may have put it’s crosshairs on some anti wind groups but we have had ours on them for a long time now exposing the misinformation given out in defence of industrial wind turbines.

Vestas ,Siemens and Vattenfall must have had a shock when the results came through. What a spectacular own goal! They spied on less than 15% of known anti wind websites and the extent of the communication between anti wind campaigners has been shown to be huge. 

At what stage are the people we elect to protect us and our environment, going to admit they have made a monumental mistake? Wind energy is simply a scam. We know the construction of wind farms will do nothing to save the planet or halt climate change. Covering Scotland in turbines will not prevent one person’s house from flooding and we have to get away from the scaremongers who try and scare us into believing they will. Unfortunately, here in Scotland some SNP MSPs are among the most guilty in that respect. They are insulting to those of us who try and force back the developers and protect our beautiful country from the savage damage of wind farm construction – they should be ashamed.’

Today’s press release from EPAW – European Platform Against Windfarms:

Press Release

Network of Wind power opponents worldwide
“Wind-Nation” Denmark spys on and analyzes critical citizens

Copenhagen / Hamburg  A Danish study , paid by the taxpayers with more than 2.6 million Euros, supported by the beneficiaries of wind power under the leadership of the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer Vestas , hand in hand with Siemens and Vattenfall in Denmark, has to ensure to stop protests and disabilities in the implementation of wind power projects.
The Danish wind power industry complains, that it is increasingly difficult to find acceptance for their projects in the local communities.
Thanks to the Ministry of Research and funded by public money , the interdisciplinary study was launched , supported by scientists from three universities from Denmark , Ireland and England and the stakeholders of the wind industry … The exchange of informations among organizations of wind power opponents on such subjects as “Wind farm fraud” ,” species protection” ,” sleep disorders” and “Nina Pierpont”, a doctor from the State of New York, who has researched the wind turbine syndrome, a disease caused by low-frequency noise under which , according to recent studies from Sweden 30% of the residents near wind turbines are sufferíng , has been specifically studied .
For this purpose, the compounds of 323 websites of nationally and internationally headwind organizations and associations have been spied on and analyzed.
Alone in small Denmark there are now 200 groups and associations, worldwide there are thousands of organisations with some hundreds of connected initiatives.
On Friday, 2pm CET, websites of wind power opponents worldwide will publish a graphic of the study, named 2050, to confirm their good networking, and to show, that must be reckoned with them. The population has a democratic right to transparency and participation – worldwide. Conservation of nature and biodiversity , landscape and people’s health is the common goal of this global movement.

Jutta Reichardt Spokeswoman of EPAW for Germany

Study information:–multidisciplinary-study-on-local-acceptance-and-development-of-wind-power-projects%287e1a4c51-69df-4440-84ba-aee841b92c23%29.html



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