Good News and not so good

It is nice to be able to report that 2 applications have been refused permission recently.

The Raisgill Hall 67m turbine near Tebay was rejected by Eden District Council on the grounds that: The proposed turbine, by virtue of its scale and siting will appear as a dominant and intrusive man-made structure with a far reaching significant adverse effect on the landscape, will result in an adverse effect on the visual amenity and remoteness of the area to the detriment of the use and enjoyment of the area and the appreciation of the setting of a scheduled ancient monument, and would result in unacceptably overbearing and dominating effects on the amenity of nearby residential properties which currently enjoy high levels of amenity in an undeveloped and remote countryside location.
Well done to all who campaigned.

Rory Stewart said ” A huge thanks to everyone who came along to our rally, and who submitted an objection, showing to the council just how strongly we opposed this application. It is another fantastic example of what is possible when local communities work together, and again highlights the importance and power of high profile demonstrations in fighting wind turbine applications here in Cumbria.”

There was also good news in Allerdale yesterday when a single 77m near to the Tallentire Windfarm was turned down. The main issues here seem to have been cumulative impact and noise. Congratulations to FORCE and the residents of Gilcrux!

Meanwhile in Carlisle on 7th March permission was granted for another turbine (54.7m) in the Great Orton area, this time at Little Orton and close to the SSSI at Orton Moss despite objections on grounds of cumulative impact and the potential damage to the ecology of the area.

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