Application at Drigg for taller turbine refused but 45m turbine “not suitable”

I received this today from a local resident of Drigg and Carleton. Many thanks for sending it in.

“We note with pleasure that Mr Shepherd of Shepherds Views Holidays Camping and Caravan site at Drigg had his 3rd wind turbine application in 3 years turned down on 21st may by Copeland council planning panel.  Many thanks must go to the large number of people in the wider community who did so much to pass word around and ensure people were aware of the application and attended the panel meeting to which neither Mr Shepherd nor his Agent Mr Harley of Planning Consultations could be bothered to attend!

The 57m turbine was to replace a 45m turbine which gained approval last year, which in the so called professionals own words (Sternwind and Mr Harley of Planning Consultations) was, I quote “not suitable from a technical point of view, due to the weak grid structure in this part of Cumbria.” Also “the Turbowinds T-400 has a outdated gearbox mechanism which cannot adapt to grid fluctuations” This fluctuation can, according to them, cause the turbine to “trip out”.  They go on to say that “in addition to the inefficiency of the turbowinds T-400 it is acknowledged by landscape professionals that a stopped turbine is more visually damaging to the landscape than an operating one”! (taken from pre consultation documentation provided by Mr Harley)  Yet they go on to state in the application that should the 57m be refused they would put up the 45m turbine…

Well its their money, let them spend in on what they admit is “outdated, inefficient and technically unsuitable”!! BUT of course it isn’t Sternwinds money that will be wasted, its actually us that will be paying for something that doesn’t work, devalues our property and spoils our area, in the form of subsidy payments from our fuel bills, which when it “trips out” could also trip the substation out causing power cuts to the area, according to a conversation with Electricity Northwest.

How incompetent these so called wind turbine professionals are, or maybe Sternwind and Mr Harley of Planning Consultations knew of the issues, but kept them quiet, because they knew they stood a better chance of gaining permission for the 45m then ask for a bigger one later??  Do we even have a weak grid in our area, as they claim? (Currently under investigation) Either way we don’t need the likes of them coming here and spoiling our village, maybe they can go somewhere else and leave Drigg alone, they won’t be missed!”

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