Two appeals for 77m single turbines dismissed by Planning Inspector

Two appeals for turbine applications in the Petteril valley were dismissed this week.

The first was in Carlisle District at Greenlands Equestrian Centre where the inspector found that the proposed 77m turbine would harm the character and appearance of the local landscape. He said that it would be a disruptive skyline element out of scale with its setting and would affect walkers, horse riders, occupiers of nearby properties, road users on the motorway and local roads and the residents of the village of Wreay. He also noted that the Cumbria Wind Energy SPD recognises that turbine development will not always be appropriate in the more sheltered valleys or undulating fringes where it would be over dominant and conflict with more irregular land cover patterns.

The second was in Eden District near Southwaite. Again the main reasons for dismissal were on grounds of visual harm with the inspector noting that “in the local context of the Southwaite community it would be a very large, prominent and visually intrusive element in the landscape.”

Both these decisions are good news and it was particularly heartening to see the following in the decision notices “current national planning practice guidance (PPG) makes it clear that the need for renewable energy does not automatically override environmental protections or the planning concerns of local communities. Protecting local amenity is an important consideration which should be given proper weight in planning decisions. ” Also from the Southwaite decision “Whilst not all people dislike a turbine dominated landscape the precautionary approach is to treat this effect as negative.”



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