Good News from FORCE!

Great news!!

As some of you will already know, the long awaited report from the Planning Inspectorate on the Allerdale Local Development Plan has now been published and deemed ‘sound’ by the Inspector, Susan Holland. The plan was formally adopted by Allerdale at the full Council meeting held on 16th July 2014.

This means that there is now a meaningful local plan that addresses the issues of renewable energy development and includes a separation distance of 800m between wind turbines over 25 metres in height and residential properties unless the applicant can absolutely justify a lesser distance. This will provide much greater protection for residents of Allerdale in the future.

Obviously it is unlikely to please the developers and there is a possibility that a legal challenge to the plan, or parts of it, could be mounted. But the reality is that the Inspector has made it very clear in her report that the setback had been properly and sensibly assessed by Allerdale and that the objections raised to it previously were not robust enough to remove it from the plan.

Thank you to everyone who has helped to achieve this great result!!

A Neighbourhood Forum meeting is planned to take place in Rosley Village Hall between 7.00 p.m. and 9.00 p.m. on Thursday 24th July. At this meeting, Allerdale’s Head of Development, Kevin Kerrigan, will talk about the new plan including the renewable energy policy.

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