A Message from Westnewton Action Group

As you probably know Allerdale is under siege by the wind industry. Here between the Lake District National Park and the Solway AONB there is only a relatively narrow band of countryside that is “available” for the developers to assault, something that they have already done – with a vengeance, as Allerdale now has over 62% of Cumbria’s, wind turbines, with more applications arriving almost every week – for another four turbines this week alone!

But the wind industry isn’t what this is about – there is a new kid on the block now!

Because believe it or not – the solar industry has arrived – and in force! Solar farms, here in sunny (??) Cumbria – who’d have believed it? But we’re not kidding!

Just within the past year there have been 15 screening applications submitted for 145 Megawatts of P.V. panels, which could potentially cover over 820 acres of farmland! Two of these have already moved forward to full planning applications now, one of which is just across the road from the three 107 metre wind turbines that have already been imposed upon our village!

The other application, is close to the village of Bothel and has received quite a large number of objections, but for some reason the one near us has only had a few, which is why we are asking for a bit of support.

Attached is a pro-forma objection which we would be very grateful if you (and everyone else you can think of) could add your name and address to a copy of, and either send or e-mail it to Allerdale’s Planning Dept.

Their e-mail address is:- planning@allerdale.gov.uk

If you could also kindly pass this “baton” on to as many other like minded folk as possible, we would be eternally grateful.
objection for solar farm

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