Minimum Setback Distances

During CWW’s absence a petition has been launched to encourage Eden District Council to include in their local plan, the same minimum setback distance from residential property for wind turbines, that Allerdale has recently adopted.

The government guidelines for permitted noise levels from turbines (ETSU-R-937) were produced in 1997 and many people think they are inadequate to protect residential property. The noise level permitted at night when people are trying to sleep is even higher than during the day and many people living near turbines complain of sleep deprivation which can lead to health issues.

This was one of the reasons Allerdale Borough Council decided to include a clause in their plan to provide a minimum separation distance of 800m between wind turbines and residential property.

Please let Eden District Council know that you would like to see the same in Eden by signing our petition. At present the Draft plan does not contain a similar clause but the officers are prepared to look at this again, however they will need to know there is support for the idea if it is to be adopted. Many of you will have been affected directly by a turbine application or have friends or relatives who have been faced with an application for a turbine close to their property.  If you haven’t been directly affected yet, please still consider signing the petition to protect yourselves and family and friends in the future.

Click here to sign the petition if you have not already done so

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