End of Story – For the Time Being!

The final wind energy related appeal decisions for the Allerdale area have now been received.

Unfortunately, we must report that the wind turbines at Black Brow and Blooming Heather have both been allowed by the Inspectorate. These decisions can be viewed via the following links:



However, the proposed wind turbine at Grange Grassings which would have compounded the cumulative impact already experienced by local residents, with the combined effect of Tallentire Wind Farm and other wind energy developments, has been dismissed:


The Inspector concluded that the concerns of local residents had not been fully addressed and therefore that the proposed development did not comply with last year’s Written Ministerial Statement which confirmed that permission should not be granted where this is the case.

There are no further wind energy appeals pending in the Allerdale area.

Allerdale Borough Council’s planning committee has one further application to decide. This will be presented to the Council’s Development Panel on Tuesday 26th July at 1pm. It is, however, a proposal to change the model of turbine at a site where planning permission has already been granted. In the long history of this particular case, the applicant has now changed the model of turbine twice. Details can be viewed via the following link:


With the Written Ministerial Statement and recent changes to the subsidies system, the threat of our countryside being invaded by armies of wind turbines seems to have receded for the time being.

Friends of Rural Cumbria’s Environment are not going away but we are not planning any further newsletter for the time being. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our members who have supported us over the many years that we have battled against this awful problem which at times seemed insurmountable in the face of pro wind propaganda.

Please do not delete our contact details. We are still there to help if the situation takes a turn for the worse in future.

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