Kirkby Moor Appeal

Message from STARC
As many will now be aware, RWE/Innogy/Ventient  have decided to lodge an Appeal against the refusal decision to extend the life of the present wind farm.  The Appeal Reference number.   APP/M0933/W/18/3204360


This does not come as a shock for it gives them many more months of subsidies!!  They left it to the eleventh hour to submit the appeal, with only 20 days to the date when the turbines should all have been down.


They have submitted an appeal (07/08/2018) and have requested a Public Inquiry.  This is the most formal and adversarial of three options.  Their reasoning is that they feel that they have a strong case as the final vote was 6/5 to refuse the planning application.. Also, that the planning committee members did not heed the advice of the Planning Officer, who recommended that the application be granted!


‘Ventient Energy chief executive Scott Mackenzie said: “We were disappointed with South Lakeland District Council’s decision to go against the planning officer’s recommendation by narrowly voting to turn down our application to support the continued running of the existing Kirkby Moor wind farm for a few more years.

“We have decided to appeal the decision based on the many economic, social and environmental benefits the wind farm delivers to the local community and beyond.’

They seem to have overlooked the huge volume of local opposition and statutory organisations who strongly objected and the 13 Parish Councils, (representing thousands of local people) who likewise objected strongly.
These are early days and I have been advised, by the planning officer, that this could take 6-12 months to develop, but it is important that we are all aware of the situation and prepared.


This will be new to many of us and that is probably what the developers are relying on.  They have the resources and the legal eagles but we must not be intimidated by this.  We have battled against this twice and won….we can do it again.  Public/Local feeling is paramount in this and once again, if we all stand together and put in the commitment..we can do it again.

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