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Government to continue subsidising remote windfarms which is bad news for birds

Andrew Montford writing on The Spectator website points out that the government’s policy to continue subsidies to new onshore windfarms on remote islands e.g.the Hebrides is likely to have the most affect on sensitive bird species as detailed in a report by the RSPB in 2006.

Kirkby Moor Appeal

Message from STARC As many will now be aware, RWE/Innogy/Ventient  have decided to lodge an Appeal against the refusal decision to extend the life of the present wind farm.  The Appeal Reference number.   APP/M0933/W/18/3204360   This does not come as a shock for it gives them many more months of subsidies!!  They left it to the eleventh [...]

The importance of determining a UK policy for the decommissioning and restoration of onshore wind farms

To The Editor, Sunday Telegraph It is with great interest that I read your headline article on Sunday 26th May “Gove plans new wave of national parks”. I whole heartedly support this initiative and welcome it with open arms being a passionate believer in open spaces and protection of our countryside for the enjoyment of [...]

Request for Help from Dumfries and Galloway

Cumbria Windwatch has received the following from Scotland Against Spin Dear Supporter and friends of SAS, Our friends at TW312 have sent us a request for help now that Banks Renewables have finally submitted further environmental information about the Knockendurrick wind development in Dumfries and Galloway.There is now a window of just under 4 weeks [...]

North West Coast Connections Project

From the National Grid: National Grid is developing the North West Coast Connections Project (NWCC) to connect and export the electricity that will be generated by Moorside, the proposed new nuclear power station that will be built near Sellafield in West Cumbria.   We are formally consulting on these proposals for ten weeks, from 28 [...]

Local residents must have the final say over whether onshore wind farm applications get the go-ahead in their area.

Good news for all of us fighting wind turbine applications across the county and the country. Yesterday Greg Clark, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, announced huge changes to the way wind turbine applications will be dealt with to take affect immediately. In a written statement to the House of Commons he [...]

New examination of wind farm impacts reveals widely-ignored health and climate change problems

CWW has received the following important report. It has been submitted by Douglas Cross, Environmental Adviser to SDLC in connection with the application for new turbines on Kirkby Moor. It details the effects of vibration and low frequency sound from wind farms and how these are ignored by British planning rules thereby contravening European Directives. It also [...]

Wind Policy from Political Party Manifestos

Our friends at Windbyte (North East England and South East Scotland) have produced an excellent summary of how the parties stand on wind power and subsidies. See The Conservatives are the only major UK party to promise some control of the wind rush in the coming parliament. Their manifesto states under the heading We will [...]

A request for support from USA

The Brown County Citizens for Responsible Wind Energy in Wisconsin have been successful in persuading their Health Board to declare a Wind farm (the Shirley Wind project) a “human health hazard”  They are asking for messages of support and any personal experiences of health problems. It is possible that if this can be made to stand [...]