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The importance of determining a UK policy for the decommissioning and restoration of onshore wind farms

To The Editor, Sunday Telegraph It is with great interest that I read your headline article on Sunday 26th May “Gove plans new wave of national parks”. I whole heartedly support this initiative and welcome it with open arms being a passionate believer in open spaces and protection of our countryside for the enjoyment of [...]

Request for Help from Dumfries and Galloway

Cumbria Windwatch has received the following from Scotland Against Spin Dear Supporter and friends of SAS, Our friends at TW312 have sent us a request for help now that Banks Renewables have finally submitted further environmental information about the Knockendurrick wind development in Dumfries and Galloway.There is now a window of just under 4 weeks [...]

Sharing our view…

Just thought I’d share an email I got this morning: Thank god for sites like this. There’s a saying that you’re never more  than a few feet away from a rat, well in Cumbria that should be changed to ” you’ll never be more than a mile from a wind farm”. One theme seems to [...]

Report says Government is over-investing in wind farms…

Wind-Watch covers the story. The Limits of Wind Power  Written by William Korchinski | Monday 4 February 2013 for the Adam Smith Institute.  Report available. A new study by the Reason Foundation evaluates wind power and finds that wind power is limited in practice due to the increased need for power storage, the decrease in [...]