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Government to continue subsidising remote windfarms which is bad news for birds

Andrew Montford writing on The Spectator website points out that the government’s policy to continue subsidies to new onshore windfarms on remote islands e.g.the Hebrides is likely to have the most affect on sensitive bird species as detailed in a report by the RSPB in 2006.

The importance of determining a UK policy for the decommissioning and restoration of onshore wind farms

To The Editor, Sunday Telegraph It is with great interest that I read your headline article on Sunday 26th May “Gove plans new wave of national parks”. I whole heartedly support this initiative and welcome it with open arms being a passionate believer in open spaces and protection of our countryside for the enjoyment of [...]


ANTI WIND CAMPAIGNERS THANK THE WIND INDUSTRY FOR HIGHLIGHTING THE GLOBAL NETWORKING OF ANTI WIND GROUPS The wind industry has surely shot itself in the foot by commissioning a study to show the extent of the networking across the world by anti wind groups. They would not have expected to see the amount of global [...]

National news and local applications

A reminder that is a great place to get (and share) relevant news stories from around the world, as home-owners sue wind-farm landlords and bats and birds continue to be killed by turbine blades. Interesting removal of data from a site… Locally applications for turbines large and larger still continue to come in – in [...]

A few bits from the National Press

A press release from the Renewable Energy Foundation calling for wind farm subsidy cuts James Delingpole on why windfarms are even worse than we thought… surely not. Grim reading about birds – especially raptors (eagles) being killed by turbines

Council Leader’s call to stop wind turbines stealing the soul of Cumbria reported in The Telegraph

Cumbria County Council Leader is once again putting his head above the parapet and describing the coalition government’s localism initiative as a cruel joke as he sees the soul of Cumbria being destroyed as the landscape reaches saturation point from wind turbines. Mr Martin has tried getting a response from Ministers since the previous government [...]

Report says Government is over-investing in wind farms…

Wind-Watch covers the story. The Limits of Wind Power  Written by William Korchinski | Monday 4 February 2013 for the Adam Smith Institute.  Report available. A new study by the Reason Foundation evaluates wind power and finds that wind power is limited in practice due to the increased need for power storage, the decrease in [...]

Some national wind energy news stories

I try to keep this blog informative but if you want really comprehensive updates National Wind Watch is excellent. John Hayes MP says ”enough is enough!” BBC BBC involved in “Climategate”-style cover up Commentator DECC  turbine noise research flawed The Telegraph More blackmail as turbine neighbours offered energy discounts The Guardian Bryan Ferry speaking out against [...]

UN ruling: EU must reassess renewables’ policy

This press release reports on the successful campaign from Ireland to prove that the renewable energy targets imposed on EU nations have been done so undemocratically and in contravention of the Aarhus Convention. The Compliance Committee of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), which enforces the Aarhus Convention, has released its final findings [...]

James Delingpole says it like it is…

… Another one from the Telegraph (sorry – there’s plenty of other stuff on this blog from the Guardian, Independent etc!) James Delingpole was at the NOW conference, obviously listened well, reasearched thoroughly – and wrote from the heart, with knowledge: