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A reminder that is a great place to get (and share) relevant news stories from around the world, as home-owners sue wind-farm landlords and bats and birds continue to be killed by turbine blades.

Interesting removal of data from a site…

Locally applications for turbines large and larger still continue to come in – in spite of the knock-on effect to our ever-increasing energy bills.

Here’s a request for assistance I received today: “I can find no reference on your site to the recent application by Ownpower Renewables for a single 77m turbine just beside the Southwaite Service area on the M6 and so guess that you haven’t been informed about it yet.

Here is a link to the relevant page at Eden District Council    bmit1=View+current+applications  I have googled Ownpower Renewables and get no hits so assume (correctly or otherwise) that it’s a name dreamed up for this project.  However they are using Stephenson Halliday as their planning consultants who appear to have considerable experience in steering wind applications through the process.  The application is in the name of Keith Boxer. As  local residents living 900m from the proposed turbine you will be correct in guessing that we are completely opposed to it (as we are to windpower in general).  Apart from filing an objection with the Council we really have no idea what else to do but clearly more can and will need to be done if we are to see this application defeated.”

I also received an email from Airvolution aka Church-House wind who want to erect turbines near Sellafield.  And they are “proud to be able to offer a community benefit fund with our wind projects.”  Presumably in much the same way as Dick Turpin would have been proud…

I am still desperately seeking volunteers to assist with this site, please!

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Cumberland News reports new Hallburn threat

Blocked Longtown windfarm plans looked at again  (NWW report 26/10/2013)

Credit:  By Duncan Bick | The Cumberland News | 25 October 2013 | ~~

Controversial windfarm plans blocked by a Government minister are to be looked at again.  Cornwall-based firm REG Windpower is to resubmit proposals for six 126 metre-high (413 ft) turbines at Hallburn Farm, near Longtown.  See further details on the Hallburn page on this Cumbria Wind Watch site.


The operator of the wind farm at High Pow has applied to Allerdale Borough Council to extend the wind farm with a further 8 turbines up to 100m tall. This would mean a major industrial development of 11 turbines at Bolton Low Houses, magnifying the effect of the existing turbines for all who live in the area.

We cannot let them take even more of our countryside from us. With your help, we believe that this development can be stopped, so please read on and find out how we can do this.



This is something we have heard many times but it isn’t necessarily true.

Recently more and more schemes have been refused at the highest level – even single turbines – and often this is because of the effect on the landscape, or the effect on residents, and ALWAYS it is because objections have been raised.

If you don’t write to say that you object, they won’t know. So it is very important to send even a brief objection to the Council. We can tell you how to do this. It does not have to be very technical. FORCE can give you pointers to issues which may have more bearing but a heartfelt letter from a genuinely concerned member of the public is ALWAYS worth writing.

Comments should be made to Allerdale Borough Council Planning Department. You can write to them or email or you can leave your comment on the planning website. These are the details you will need. Please do not rely on others to do this. It is important that we let the Council know how many people are opposed to this development. Your help is really appreciated.

Details of the application can be viewed on:

Contact details for your objection are as follows:

Email address:

Postal address: Planning Department, Allerdale House, Workington CA14 3YJ

Please make sure to include the following reference number whether you write or email.

Ref: 2/2013/0519 High Pow Wind Farm

And be sure to clearly state that you OBJECT to the proposal.

The landscape sensitivity/character is such that it cannot absorb this further development without major negative visual impacts when viewed locally and widely, from and towards the National Park. The proposed development would alter the character of the landscape from that of ‘farmland with a wind turbine cluster’ to ‘an industrial wind farm landscape.’ A major negative impact on the landscape and on the setting of the National Park.

Loss of Residential Amenity
Local residents are already suffering from loss of amenity by way of sleep disturbance from the noise of the existing turbines and visual problems such as flicker in their homes. Complaints have been made but with little avail. The proposed turbines will be closer to these properties and will affect more households over a wider area. The planning application seems to confirm that there will be MORE noise – this is unacceptable.

Cumulative Impact
Large areas of Allerdale now contain wind trubines and development is sprawling deeper and deeper into our much cherished countryside, encircling the National Park and blighting almost every view. Wherever there is a gap, there now seems to be a planning application and gradually Allerdale is becoming a wind energy landscape. This leads to an unacceptable change in the landscape character due to cumulative impact.

Other Issues
You may also have concerns about wildlife in the area being affected, or effects on local tourism. Tallentire residents have issues with surface water and TV reception which they believe is caused by the wind farm development. Please do add your own personal concerns and let the planners know that we do not want these turbines. It is important to stress that the benefits claimed by the developer will NOT outweigh the damage caused.

For further information, Friends of Rural Cumbria’s Environment (FORCE) can be contacted at the following email address:

Our website can be found at


A full application for eight additional turbines has been received by Allerdale Borough Council. The details are now available online. The application can be viewed by following this link:

Friends of Rural Cumbria’s Environment have worked hard in recent years to offer help and advice to other groups who have found themselves facing inappropriate wind energy applications in Allerdale and beyond. We hope that we can now count on the support of those we have assisted.

If this application were to be granted, the impact on the landscape would be immense, affecting a considerable area of Allerdale as well as the views into and out from the Lake District and Solway Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Please do not be put off by the number of documents which make up the application. It really isn’t necessary to read them all. The main arguments against the scheme – apart from the misery that the existing three turbines are already causing to local residents – are surely the landscape impact and cumulative impact alongside Wharrels Hill, Tallentire and other schemes already operational or consented which are/will be visible from the application site itself or from nearby.

The simplest way to object is to click where it says ‘comment on application,’ fill in a few details and then write a sentence or two of objection. Don’t forget to click on the box which confirms that you wish to object.

If you would prefer to write a little more, then it might be advisable to email the case officer, Rebecca Wilson, at

Your comments can be sent as an attachment to the email.

The consultation end date is currently displayed as 19th August. Obviously with an application of this size, we will be allowed more time than this but it is nevertheless a good idea to get plenty of early objections in. The FORCE objection is currently being worked on and will be divided into several sections dealing with different aspects of the application.

Members of the same household can comment separately and please pass the information in this email on to everyone you think may be willing to object to this highly inappropriate and unacceptable scheme. This one must be defeated!

RES commission report as trout die and village floods near Cumbria windfarm

BBC report on problems facing the village of Gilcrux;  residents and businesses near Tallentire windfarm believe that the vast slabs of concrete the turbines are embedded in have affected the water courses.  This is a concern many voice; it seems obvious that hundreds of tonnes of concrete are not going to absorb and distribute water in the same way agricultural land does.  But it’s just another thing wind energy profiteers gloss over during the planning process.  It will be interesting to see what a report commissioned by the company responsible finds.

Banks Renewables and their vile plans for Killington

We’re writing with an update about the Killington wind farm. We still do not know when it will heard by SLDC Planning committee, although it could be in the next few months.

Resume of the situation : Banks Renewables asked for a delay of a few months while they conducted another survey of birds at Killington Lake. The black-headed gull colony is of county and national importance and the unacceptable collision risk was one of the reasons the RSPB submitted an objection. The other was the risk to migrating ospreys.

So in the meantime there is still time to send objections to SLDC, and we urge you to do so (Registering with STAK is not what matters)  The reference no. is  SL/2012/0845. Send emails to , giving your name and address.

For suggestions  on what to write, and an example letter, please see our website  > how to object > ways to object.

Other news: We deplore the fact that Banks are using the Open Day of their nearby Armistead wind farm on 4th July to publicise the Killington proposal at Old Hutton village hall. The Armistead turbines (6 X 100m) are now operational and are a blot on this Cumbrian landscape They are only 3km away from the Killington site and can be seen from many miles around. The cumulative impact would be considerable.

Important consultees who have objected to Killington wind farm include Natural England , Yorkshire Dales National Park, Cumbria County Council, Cumbria Wildlife Trust, Friends of the Lake District and the Killington Wildlife Group, who are the expert ornithologists locally.

Virtually all the local parishes have objected.

Allerdale Local Plan and Recent Appeals

The consultation period on the second draft of Allerdale’s Local Plan concludes on 12 July. If you have not already done so, we do urge members – particularly those living in the Borough of Allerdale – to send in a response.
Unlike the consultation on the first draft which took place last year, no further amendments will be made to the plan at this stage. Instead, any comments/unresolved issues will be forwarded to the Planning Inspectorate along with the draft plan itself. A decision will then be made as to whether or not the Plan can be adopted.
The Plan includes a minimum setback distance of 800m between wind turbines over 25m in height and residential properties. This represents a considerable improvement on the level of protection offered in the first draft. For this reason, FORCE has responded positively.
We recognise that some members may consider that additional separation distances are necessary and it is for each and every one of us to decide on his/her individual response.
One problem we could face is that, if the Inspector decides to reject the plan in its totality, we would be left in a void with regard to local planning and, in that situation, only national policy could be applied to new wind energy proposals.
Be that as it may, the important thing is to send as many responses as possible thus demonstrating that significant numbers of us are very concerned about the proliferation of wind turbines in this area. Recent ministerial announcements have underlined the importance of local opinion.
The draft local plan can be accessed at

Simply click on Allerdale Local Plan (Part 1) Pre Submission Draft. If you wish to scroll straight through to the chapter on Renewable Energy and Low Carbon Technologies (S19), it can be found on page 92.
To make a response to any part of the draft plan, it is necessary to click on representation form. This can then be filled in and either saved and sent to Allerdale as an email attachment or printed and posted. All relevant contact details are available on the webpage. If you wish to comment on other policies in the local plan, it will be necessary to complete a separate representation form for each.
Below are some suggestions which members may find useful. Please feel free to adapt and/or add to them if you so wish.

Comments must be submitted by Friday 12th July.

Support for Policy S19 in Allerdale Draft Local Plan
• I support the inclusion of renewable energy schemes in the Local Plan as there is at present no local policy on this topic, meaning that proposals can only be considered against National Policy. As the Plan Area already contains a much higher than average number of onshore wind turbines, a robust local plan is essential to ensure that any future development is properly and sensibly regulated.
• As there is already a very large number of operational and consented schemes within the Plan area, I support the emphasis given to the impact of wind turbines, both singularly and cumulatively, as key considerations in relation to future development. (paragraph 214)
• The introduction of a setback distance of 800m between wind turbines and residential properties is to be welcomed as a means of protecting households from adverse impacts of onshore wind energy development. (paragraph 220)
Proposed Changes to Policy S19
• I do not accept that ‘the onus’ of future renewable energy development should rely on ‘commercial wind developments,’ given the large number of turbines already deployed in the Plan Area. (paragraph 214)
• The ‘realistic potential for an extra 80MW’ of renewable energy by 2030 should be broken down into specific technologies and given an order of preference, bearing in mind the present dominance of onshore wind. (paragraph 214)
• The settings of national landscape designations, specifically the Lake District National Park and the Solway Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, should be included in the penultimate paragraph which requires that proposals should not damage the special qualities of these designated areas. (paragraph 222)

Finally, a word of good cheer. There are currently many outstanding appeals awaiting decision. But we have recently been advised of two where the Inspector has upheld the decision to refuse. One relates to Flatt Farm on the border between Allerdale and Carlisle. The other is at the opposite end of the Borough near Maryport. These are excellent results and they prove that our struggle is worth it!

FELLS newsletter now available including AGM invitation

Friends of Eden, Lakeland and Lunesdale Scenery newsletter, May 2013

AGM NOTICE – please attend if you can, it is the best way of finding out what is happening.

All members and supporters are cordially invited to the FELLS   13th AGM on Tuesday 25th June in Kirkland Hall, Kendal, commencing   at 7.30pm.   Including a discussion and a slide show of recent events & projects.   The meeting will be followed by tea and biscuits.
Parking is free after 6pm in the adjacent car parks

National Opposition to Windfarms conference 2013

This years NOW conference will be held on 1st  July 1st at Nunsmere Hall Hotel in Cheshire.
It should be fantastic – a fresh, varied and big-hitting group of speakers will no doubt make it a fascinating day.
Sir John Banham, a massive name in the business world; Jeremy Nicholson of the Energy Intensive Users Group; Dr Mike Hall of FELLS and all-round wind expert; planning specialist Sasha White QC; and Mike Stigwood of MAS Environmental will all form part of the line-up of speakers this year, though others are also pending.
Costs have been kept at a minimum but we have had to increase the price moderately from last year to £40. This includes a very good lunch, and tea/coffee/refreshment in the morning and afternoon. I am sure you will find it excellent value.

I very much hope that you, friends and trusted associates will be able to join us on July 1st.
To book a place or learn more please contact:


Henry Carpenter

Head of Communications, National Opposition to Windfarms

Telephone 01584 823620 or 07712 129669. Twitter: @NOWindfarms