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Report says Government is over-investing in wind farms…

Wind-Watch covers the story. The Limits of Wind Power  Written by William Korchinski | Monday 4 February 2013 for the Adam Smith Institute.  Report available. A new study by the Reason Foundation evaluates wind power and finds that wind power is limited in practice due to the increased need for power storage, the decrease in [...]

Why is windpower so expensive? – new report

I have put some new reports in the Cumbria Wind Watch library including “Why is windpower so expensive?” An economic analysis by Gordon Hughes from the Global Warming Policy Foundation.  The summary is below, the whole report can be accessed from our library. Summary 1. Wind power is a capital-intensive means of generating electricity. As [...]

KPMG Report says wind farms are too expensive and should be shelved

The KPMG report, ‘Thinking About the Affordable’, published this week, says that government plans for wind farms are too expensive and should be shelved in favour of cheaper nuclear and gas-fired power stations. Wind farms do not operate to full capacity for most of the time, by reason of the laws of nature. Many commentators [...]