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Shap targeted again: two turbines nearly twice the height of the Angel of the North

Mr Atkinson (one of the land owners involved in the original Shap wind farm proposals) has applied for 2 turbines.  Total height to tip of blade is 35 metres = 115 feet. (The Angel of the north is only 20 metres.) This is NOT small!  PLEASE OBJECT. As is common, this application was made just before Christmas [...]

Community Windpower working to ruin communities again…

Community Windpower Ltd. are holding another public exhibition to promote their third attempt to gain planning consent for a wind farm on Claughton and Whit Moor (12 turbines -v- 13 last time and 20 the first time).  This information was discreetly placed on their website: “A Public Exhibition showing the revised proposal is being held on: [...]

James Delingpole says it like it is…

… Another one from the Telegraph (sorry – there’s plenty of other stuff on this blog from the Guardian, Independent etc!) James Delingpole was at the NOW conference, obviously listened well, reasearched thoroughly – and wrote from the heart, with knowledge: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/jamesdelingpole/100177372/david-camerons-greatest-crime/

Spineless Treasury give way to bullying and blackmail from DECC and Renewables Industry

Alec Salmond will be disappointed that England and Wales have cut subsidies to onshore wind by the pathetic 10% to match the cut in Scotland.  This in spite of evidence that the Treasury accepted demonstrated a case for a 25% cut.  Another review next year and not accepting long term “climate change targets” seems to be the trade-off.  [...]

Newspapers cover the Treasury – v – DECC ROC debate and other things windy

Wind farm myths finally nailed – The Independent Wind farms do bring down property prices – The Telegraph The Guardian have covered the considerable downsides of wind energy in the past, but in this article every interviewee has a financial interest in the industry – The Guardian The BBC noting the clash between industry and [...]

FORCE still fighting to protect the landscape in Allerdale but needs your help

Although this is specific to Allerdale, please read on – they may be the first area in Cumbria to be hit by so many single applications but they won’t be the last; the information about influencing the local plan is relevant to every planning authority. As many of you will be aware, the National Planning [...]