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Report says Government is over-investing in wind farms…

Wind-Watch covers the story. The Limits of Wind Power  Written by William Korchinski | Monday 4 February 2013 for the Adam Smith Institute.  Report available. A new study by the Reason Foundation evaluates wind power and finds that wind power is limited in practice due to the increased need for power storage, the decrease in [...]

Planning applications for individual turbines at Great Orton

The Great Orton wind farm page has been updated to record the submission of planning applications for four individual wind turbines within 1200 m of the wind farm.  Three of them would each be significantly taller than the existing wind farm turbines.  See the Great Orton wind farm page for links to details of the [...]

Spineless Treasury give way to bullying and blackmail from DECC and Renewables Industry

Alec Salmond will be disappointed that England and Wales have cut subsidies to onshore wind by the pathetic 10% to match the cut in Scotland.  This in spite of evidence that the Treasury accepted demonstrated a case for a 25% cut.  Another review next year and not accepting long term “climate change targets” seems to be the trade-off.  [...]

The Church of England trying to put dark satanic (wind)mills on our green and pleasant land

FELLS spokes-people have been talking to the Daily Telegraph about the intended destruction of the landscape around Killington (between Kendal and Sedbergh).  Some of the land is owned by the Bradford Diocese, all is being targeted by Banks “without coal the lights would go out” Renewables. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/energy/windpower/9397843/An-ill-wind-blows-over-Church-of-Englands-windfarm-proposals.html

PI decisions… reports and documents that may help fight a wind farm

Great news about Cumwhinton, but fellow battlers in Northants heard today that their Inspector Griffiths had upheld the appeal of the developers.  I have uploaded both decision documents to the main site. I have also recently uploaded lots of documents to the site.  They are not as organised as I would like, but time is [...]